Analog and Digital

For a couple of years now I've been shooting as a hobby.  I started with 35 mm analog, and now I also shoot medium format, large format, and digital.  Check out my Instagram below to see examples of my work.

I shoot 120 on a 1959 Tele Rolleiflex TLR.

The Tele Rollei sports a 135mm/f4 Carl Zeiss Sonnar taking lens, unlike the more popular 75mm and 80mm models.  Along with the tele, Franke & Heidecke also produced a Wide 50mm model.

I shoot 35 mm on a Vivitar V3800n with a 50mm/f1.7 lens.

This is an fully-manual camera that is relatively low cost, but yields a suprisingly satisfactory result.  The f1.7 prime lens is sharp enough for casual shooting and handles low light situations with ease.

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