TAL: Beyond Imagination

Muhlenberg College | Allentown, PA

Director: Noah Dach

June 2018

The Optimist

Peoples Improv Theatre | New York, NY

Director: Noah Dach & Tommy McCaarthy

February 2018

New Voices 2015

Muhlenberg College, The Studio Theatre

Artistic Director: Beth Schachter

Directors: Ariel Holman, Sydney Watt, Danielle Lichter

September-October 2015

Dance Emerge 2015

Muhlenberg College, The Baker Theatre

Artistic Director: Jeffrey Peterson

April 2015

The Man with the Flower in His Mouth

Muhlenberg College, Studio Theatre

Director: Philip Kaufman

March 2015

Words Words Words

Muhlenberg College, Studio Theatre

Director: Matthew McAlister

March 2014

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