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Thanks for showing your face around this neck of the woods.  I'm Brian!  Born and raised in New Haven County, CT, I grew up constantly interested in the way things work.  Tinkering was my strong suit, always taking something apart when I had the chance.  Early in my life, I developed an affection for airplanes, which I still hold today.  I began building and flying model airplanes which created a foundation for my fondness for the sciences, woodworking, construction, and the joy of seeing a project through to completion.


I attended Muhlenberg College for undergrad, where I was involved in all aspects of production.  From acting, to directing, to set construction, I practiced a hands-on, interdependent work style.  I declared a major in Theatre with concentrations in Design, Directing, Acting, and Stage Management.  Throughout my four years, I was able to expand my knowledge in all aspects of theatre, eventually finding true inspiration in scenic and lighting design.

My fall semester of Junior year was spent abroad in London.  There I fell in love with the Fringe circuit and its challenge of sharing stories, politics, and thought through limited resources.  The most effective Fringe productions had simple, clean, and dynamic designs.  I try to embrace these qualities in my work today.


I entered the entertainment workforce as a stage crew intern with the Santa Fe Opera during their 2015 season.  There, I learned the workings of professional theatre, and further grew my personal investment in it.  I returned in 2016 and 2017 as a carpenter.


In the fall of 2016 I entered the Yale School of Drama.  I graduated the following year with a certificate in Technical Design & Production.

Currently, I reside in Manhattan where I actively work on productions, both from a design and technical perspective.

Thanks and enjoy your visit here,


Brian Pacelli


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